Cover Shot for Costco Connection Magazine

Night Shot.

The Difference 16 Years Makes

Total Solar Eclipse, April 8, 2024

Day Turns to Night

An Eye on the Future

Windswept Pine, Georgian Bay Shoreline, ON.

It’s All About Family

Portrait Done On Location


Retiring School Principal

A Formal, but-not-too Formal Portrait of a High School Principal

Rock Formations, Islands of Georgian Bay, ON.

Group of Seven Stomping Ground

A Dance Pose

Cover Photo for Milk Producer Magazine

Hard-Working Producer, for a Magazine Cover.

Corporate Head Shots

A collection of profile images for a company website and promotional material, done on location, each one unique- just like the people.


Milk Producer Magazine Cover Shoot

Graduation- Yay!!

W┼▒rth Canada Corporate Headquarters


An Outdoor Headshot

Dean of Engineering, University of Waterloo

Clickedy-clack don’t look back….

Early Morning, George Lake, Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario

Leif, a very dynamic restauranteur.

A Welcoming Host.

Downtown Guelph Banners

Downtown Guelph- a great place to be.


Can You Almost Taste It??

Food is Good.

Architectural Photo

Architectural Study

It’s a Gas…

Brothers Brewing, cover story for the Goodman School of Business Magazine

Milk Producer Magazine Cover Shoot

Karl and Leila

A Lovely Couple

Graduation Day

Industrial Fuel Transfer Station, Hamilton, ON

Moving On

Industrial Fuel Transfer Station

Hard at Work!!

Donor Profile Photo, School of Engineering, University of Guelph

Shoreline of Georgian Bay, Ontario.

A Northern Landscape.

Mary Jean McFall and Sons, and extended family.

Studio Portrait

Cliff Pines, Killarney Provincial Park, ON

Infrared Film Rendition.

Laza All-Natural Juices

Laza All-Natural Popsicles



Lighthouse Lemonade

Product Photos for an Agriculture Company.

Debbie Jones, Past Director of Optometry and Vision Science, University of Waterloo.

Burnbrae Farms, supplier of eggs to our grocery stores, restaurants, and to our tables.

Architectural Photography.

International Plowing Match


Margaret Hudson, President of Burnbrae Farms.

Field of Dreams


Head Shots, done just about anywhere.

Alastair Summerlee, Past President, University of Guelph.

U of G President with his "Iron Fish"

Magazine Cover

Happy Families

A Happy Couple


A Grolsch Marketing Photo


The Niagara Escarpment, from Georgian Bay.

Hi-Tech Manufacturing


Hard Working Farmers

Hi-Tech Dispenser

Profile Photo

Location Portrait

Summerlee Science Complex, University of Guelph

Taken at dusk

National Company Meeting Group Photo

Past Dean of the Ontario Agricultural College, University of Guelph

Climate-Controlled Facilities

Very large storage room for pharmaceuticals

Deb Stark, Past Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Ontario.

University of Guelph Promotional Photo


Location portrait on a beautiful fall day

Imagery for Corporate Marketing and Branding

Entrance to their World Headquarters

Tough as Nails

A profile photo shoot for Doosan Heavy Equipment

Early Morning, George Lake, Killarney Provincial Park, ON

Industrial Facility

Kelsey, Location Portrait

Portrait done on Location

The Brightwells


Executive Portrait

Family Portait

Profile Photo

Gymnasium Seating Installation, Waterdown, ON

Bob Lemieux, Dean of the Faculty of Science, University of Waterloo

Emma Allen-Vercoe, Researcher, University of Guelph

University Research Lab

Making big things happen.

Egg Grading Line, Burnbrae Farms

Egg Grading Line

Shoreline, Killarney Lake, Killarney Prov. Park, ON.

Mountain Creek, Smoky Mountains, Tennessee.

Industrial Pastuerizer

Waterfall from Ishmael Lake, near Killarney Provincial Park, ON

Sunrise, Killarney Provincial Park, ON

A classic old large format film image

Ajay Heble

Egg Grading and Packaging Line

Toronto Skyline at Night

Portrait of a Producer for a Seed Company Catalouge.

No nonsense!!

OMAFRA Building, Guelph, Ontario



Above the Clouds, Whiteface Mountain, Lake Placid, NY

Above the Clouds


IGEM Group, University of Waterloo

A Fine Beverage

Trees in Fog, Rockwood, ON

The Hudsons and The McFalls

Leaf Detail, Guelph, ON

Tree Branch over the Ausable River, Adirondack Mountains, NY

Pine Trees, Fox Islands, Georgian Bay, ON

Marena #2

Hawk Ridge Pine Tree, Killarney Provincial Park, ON

Solar Panels at an Egg Farm

Solar Panels

Trees in Fog, Royal City Park, Guelph, ON

Sunrise, Killarney Provincial Park

Lake in Fog, Rockwood, ON

Lake in Fog, Rockwood, ON

Clouds at Dusk, White Mountains, New Hampshire.

Boats and Dock, New Harbor, Maine

View from Algonquin Peak, Adirondack Mountains, NY

Second highest peak in New York State

Pier, Watkins Glen, NY

Fitzsimmons Range, Garibaldi Provincial Park, BC

Bridal Veil Falls, Manitoulin Island, ON

Sand Pattern, Killbear Provincial Park, ON

Trees Atop Tunnel Mountain, Banff, AB

Brent Davies, Co-owner of Wellington County Brewery

Cedar Tree, Bruce Peninsula, ON

Infrared Panoramic, near Woodland Beach, Qld, Australia

Solar Panels at an Agricultural Facility

Cedar Trunks and Pond, Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

Leaves, near Roanoke, Virginia.

A simple little detail.

Sand Pattern, Brackley Beach, PEI


Sawyer Memorial Church, Jonesport, Maine

Guelph Hyundai at Dusk

Guelph Hyundai, a stitched panoramic image

The Jefferson Memorial, Washington, D.C.

Peggy, Librarian and Motorcycle Rider

A Hospital “Clean Room”

At St. Micheal's Hospital, Toronto

A Group of Collaborating Researchers

A suspicious-looking bunch, aren't they?

Soccer Complex, University of Guelph

Soccer Feld Panoramic

Portrait done on Location

Cheese Making

In line Skating


The Ellicott Square Building, Buffalo, NY

A classic 100+ year-old building, from a long-gone era.

St. John’s Harbour, Newfoundland

St. John's Pano.

Battlefield Equipment Rentals, Gander, NL

Rossmar Welding, Guelph.

Jay, Photographer of insects.

Insect Photographer Extraordinaire

Egg Processing Line.

Rob, Computer Guy.

Portrait Among Computer Stacks

Self Portrait. Sort of.

Goggle Reflection

Battlefield Equipment Rentals, Come-by-Chance, Newfoundland

Battlefield C-B-C

Windswept Pine Tree, near Killarney, ON

Fog and Sun Reflection, Pacific Rim National Park, BC


David, Studio Portrait.

A traditional black and white studio portrait, done on film.

Industrial Panoramic, Southern Ontario.

A stitched digital panoramic

Glowing Tent, #2

Downtown Brisbane, Australia.

Willow Trees, Woodgate Beach, Queensland, Australia.

Infrared film image

Back Harbour, Newfoundland

Tuckamores, West Coast of Newfoundland

Glowing Tent #1

Aspens, Jasper National Park, Alberta.

Letchworth State Park, NY

A stitched digital panoramic image.

Merrick, Businessman

Morning Fog, Colton Point State Park, Pennsylvania

It pays to get up early sometimes.

Mike Cowbrough

Bob Lemieux, Dean of The Faculty of Science, U of Waterloo.

Dean of Science, University of Waterloo.

Robert Enright

Boardwalk, Gros Morne Natn’l Park, Newfoundland

Shoreline, The Fox Islands, Georgian Bay, ON

Winter Panoramic, Sunshine Village, AB

A film panoramic photo. These are the best winter days you can imagine.

Winter Scene, Jasper Natn’l Park, AB

High-level Meeting

Ideas and creative juices flowing.....

Engineering New Ideas

Running Track, #2

Stadium and Running Track, Brampton, ON


Water Bottles by Window, Baxter Mtn Tavern, Adirondacks Mtns, N.Y.

Still Life

Forest Road, Pennsylvania.

The High Peaks, from Pitchoff Mtn, The Adirondacks of NY.


At three weeks old.


A relaxed outdoor location portrait.

Forest Detail, Pacific Rim National Park, B.C.

A beautiful foggy morning on our spectacular west coast

Early Morning, Seneca Lake, NY.

A large format film image

Soccer Complex, University of Guelph

The Bruce Peninsula, from Georgian Bay.

The shore of Georgian Bay, from a kayak- best vantage point available.

Unidentified Driving Object, somewhere in Pennsylvania.

Zoom, zoom.

Chris Bosch, Researcher and Professor

Karen Amongst the Sunflowers