The Niagara Escarpment, from Georgian Bay.

I spent a few days of R&R on the Bruce Trail, and it yielded a clearer mind, a refreshed attitude, a blister on one heel, the knowledge that I need to lessen the weight of my pack, and this photo.  The photo will remain long after all the other lessons and experiences fade.  It was one those positive creative experiences where the photo seemed to almost find me, where the moment and feeling translated into an image without too much struggle.  And that is rare, and it’s the inexplicable part of what it is to take photos that hopefully matter.  And it begs the question of what images actually matter, and why??   Images are everywhere, and the inevitable flip side of the increasing numbers of images around us is that fewer are being looked at meaningfully, or looked into.  I must return and continue to ask that question. With a lighter pack.