Past Dean of the Ontario Agricultural College, University of Guelph

I was asked to do the formal portrait of Rob Gordon, now the President of The University of Windsor, then the outgoing Dean of OAC, which would hang in Johnston Hall, alongside the other portraits from it’s long history. This was a chance to make a photograph that has more relevance and longevity than most, and would hopefully contribute to the historical narrative of the College. The good thing is that Johnston Hall is an old building and has rich, wood-paneled rooms that lend themselves to many different photographic approaches. And Rob has always been a great person to work with. He’s from the east coast and didn’t leave those good, humble and down-to-earth characteristics behind when he came further west.  This was shot on a day when the Blue Jays were playing a very important end-of-season game. Unfortunately they lost, but he wanted me to finish quickly so he could catch the game.   Even Deans have their priorities.