University of Guelph Promotional Photo

This U of G promotional photo goes back a number of years.  It was used in their Admission Handbooks and printed materials of all sorts. I still see the poster of this image displayed in many offices around campus- that must be a good sign, I suspect.   Mordechai Rozanski, the President at the time, liked “the glow” the photo had, which came from a home made diffusion filter that gave the photo a very different feel than it would have otherwise had.  Sometimes a very subtle tweak to an image can really notch up the effect it has on people.  And it’s my job to visualize that “better image” in my mind, convince people it’s worth the extra time and effort, and make it happen.  The guy in the red jacket who worked on campus and was ‘volunteered’ for the photo, I still run into from time, and he’s always enthusiastic and great to chat with.  Little did we all know this photo would have such staying power.