Shoreline of Georgian Bay, Ontario.

I photograph, even when it’s not my contracted work. And often it’s the land I return to when I want my photographs to matter. The northern landscape has always attracted me- the wide open space, the clean air and water, the smell of the pines. It just IS.  We are a part of nature, and it’s a part of us.  Countless scientific studies have shown that a connection with nature creates a better capacity to live well, although that Truth has been abundantly clear to thinkers and dreamers for as long as we can imagine. It brings back a more basic and truthful way of being, even though that is a rather undefinable thing.  And just going out and trying to create meaningful images has a rejuvenating effect on me, despite the fact it is difficult and elusive.  Northern Georgian Bay has long been a magical place for me, and this may be my favourite spot to photograph.  Nope- not telling where it is.