I like making photographs.  I’m sure that’s not just a big surprise to anyone. The process continues to be challenging and rewarding, right from my college days while learning the fundamentals. Making effective photographs asks you to be quiet, to approach every day and every subject with a fresh set of eyes. To see people, places and things in a new way, without assumptions or preconceptions. It asks you to step out of your own head, be open to a new viewpoint, and to try to see what is really there. And also what is not literally there, but latent in the subject, within yourself, and in the world around us. Like any art, it can make you think, feel and dream. And from every experience, be it a commercial job, a portrait, or photo I take just for the fun of it, I borrow a little something, and pass it on in the form of a photograph. What comes through at the end of the process is always a unique image unlike any other, and that’s half the fun. Photography, just as life itself, is full of questions and far fewer clear and simple answers. But photography is one way to keep asking those very interesting questions, and affirming something positive in any given day.