Christmas Rollerblading

Dec 30 2015
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First of all, I have to come clean and admit I didn’t take this picture on Christmas or boxing day of this or any other year. But I did go in-line skating on boxing day of this year.  It was about 5 degrees, cloudy, with a bit of an unpleasant easterly wind, but it was great anyway. As I have mentioned elsewhere on my website (where I have this photo in the “fun stuff” section), this is one of the best therapies I can choose to do most of the year, whenever I feel like it. It’s smooth (if the pavement happens to be smooth), melodic, and always changes my state of mind for the better.  Moving my butt, under my own power seems to help me perceive the world differently, and in a more positive way. It encourages creative thoughts, and being in a creative line of work, that is always welcome.  But I believe we are all artists in some way.  We certainly start out that way as children, the challenge is to remain one as an adult.  And I’ll take all the help I can get to continue down that road.

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