Rocky Shoreline at Dusk, Georgian Bay, near Killarney, ON

May 20 2019
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The islands of northern Georgian Bay are spectacular.  Accessible only by boat, of course- a kayak is the preferred mode of transportation to get here- and you are in this exotic world of rocks, pine trees,, open space and crystal clear water, although the environment is harsh.   A wind can strand you here for days- that possibility and the remoteness makes the experience a more precious one.  As I was leaving on my previous visit, I enjoyed my last moments looking out onto this west facing shore, and saw the possibility of this photograph, although the time wasn’t right and the conditions unfavourable.  Hence, on this visit I made it a point to follow up on my visualization for this photo, and the hazy sunset was ideal to bring out the gloss on the wet rocks.  The long exposure adds that timeless feel, as I like to explore these days.  For me, the photo seems to resonate with the creation of the earth- the rock separating from the waters- cue the dramatic music.   I thank Kent for holding my beer while I was negotiating the rocks and the splash.